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Our History


Headquartered in Paris, France, CARRHURE was established in March 2012 by its Managing Director, Aurée de Carbon, who worked as a Consultant for well-known international search firms for several years. With consulting recruitment as its core business, CARRHURE specializes in identifying, gauging, and attracting leaders in the non-profit and non-government organization (NGO) sectors.


Since its inception, CARRHURE, acting both as a consultant and partner, has filled a number of recruitment missions and has supported the development activity of several companies.


OUR PURPOSE: We are committed to serving our clients and partners by providing subtle support in guaranteeing they hire the best of the best.


OUR VISION is to keep coming up with innovations that can keep up with our ever changing environment. We cope with changes and we equip ourselves with better dynamics to meet our desired financial results. We aim to help organizations create concrete, productive, and long-lasting bonds with their workforce. This concept of strong linkage between companies and their people, presented in our logo, is the ideal we want to impart to help our clients’ organizations be in full swing.


OUR PEOPLE: Our team is a mixture of adept individuals, each with commendable skill derived from the individual fields they specialize on. We have also developed our own network of experts that can be tapped to undertake specific technical assignments.


OUR MOTIVATION: CARRHURE focuses on reinventing the way an organization operates and develops its people. The new era of the recruitment industry starts now.

Our Key Values

Executive Search

C – Customized Business Solutions.  At CARRHURE, we make sure that we understand what you need. We work rigorously to meet not only your demands, desires and expectations, but also your long-term goals on organizational function and structure. Our approaches are adaptable and tailor-made to suit your requisites.

A – A Complete Suite of Services. We specialize in a wide range of services that include career development, assessment, profiling, training and coaching, which utilizes a deeper and more personal context. We have also expanded our portfolio to cover team building, organizational effectiveness review and development, employee services, job benchmarking, and consultancy requirements. Our services are not only all-inclusive, but they are done with 100% involvement from our Managing Director, down to the last staff needed.

R – Real Time and Superior Communication.  CARRHURE provides helpful insight with exceptional documentation which includes real-time communication and interaction. We make sure that you are well-informed and updated  every step of the way to help you make sound and timely decisions that are necessary.

R – Relevant and Updated Business Strategies.  CARRHURE keeps itself up-to-date with the most relevant and effective strategies to keep pace with current and emerging business trends. Through constant research and training, we keep solidifying our position among the experts in the world.

H – High Value Counsel.  CARRHURE’s consultants and team members are among the cream of the crop in their fields. We believe in the advantage of bringing the most adept and assiduous minds within your reach to help you be successful. We have made it our mission to understand your business’ dynamics and the environment in which you operate, not just intellectually but personally. We honor your value and contribution to our collaboration.

U – Unparalleled Knowledge of the Business.  Through our supreme expertise, we are able to deliver effective personalized strategies and solutions to cater to your unique business strata and success factors. This thorough understanding of the business allows us to streamline the processes involved in planning, executing, and delivering the results you look for.

R – Reinvention and Innovation.  CARRHURE utilizes the latest technology to help elevate customer experience. We are motivated by the endless possibilities that creative artistic freedom offers, driving us to effectively assist you in sharing your brand and stories in the most engaging, interactive, and inventive way.

E – Established Relationships.  CARRHURE has high level access and family with the most talented and experienced executives in the industry. Our global relationships not only give you an edge but the best means in selecting top professionals suited for your business.

Our Seven Pillars

Executive Search

TRUST. We are honorably principled. 

We are transparent and unbiased. At CARRHURE, we keep strong ties with our clients by being straightforward and receptive to opinion and suggestion to achieve and establish a stronger and more loyal client base.


INTEGRITY. We present the whole picture with utmost legitimacy.

CARRHURE believes that the integrity of one’s work has something to do with how the person values honesty and genuineness. We uphold this credence by ensuring that the exchange between us and the client is clear and candid. We work and execute with utmost veracity to gain our clients’ confidence.


COMMITMENT.  We deliver. 

CARRHURE maintains a lineup of professionals whose performance exceeds expectations. Each member of our team is focused on winning and makes every effort to motivate each other to better perform. Our client-focused approach allows us to harness every possible strategy to obtain precisely what clients need, when they need it. We work on customer set timelines and deadlines. This professionalism mirrors our high level pledge.



EQUALITY.  We preserve an environment free from discrimination and prejudice.

CARRHURE regards individuality as one of its core organizational values. We give effort to providing equal attention to each and every individual regardless of their race, color, appearance, or social status. We acknowledge distinctiveness and take this into account when we associate with them. We do not treat everyone as if they are all the same, and we do not expect them to react to situations in the same way. We make sure that everyone’s views are heard, and that each individual is treated equally and appropriately.


RESPECT.  We treat others with politesse.

CARRHURE sustains the rule of “treating others the way you would want to be treated.” We make sure to communicate and interact with our people and clients with proper etiquette. We recognize the significance of their contributions no matter how small or big they are. We pay close attention to their opinions and suggestions, as we believe we can learn from them too. We also view things from their perspective to understand their stand on a particular subject matter.


EFFICIENCY.  We put our ideas into action.

CARRHURE believes in maximizing limitless possibilities. We do not delve into the unknown blindfolded. Our approach includes creating a perfect mix of teamwork, exploration, and intuition. We provide our services with the kind of proficiency and efficiency that our clients would anticipate from their own group members. We concentrate on delivering the right results, which is essentially  why our clients keep coming back.


RESPONSIBILITY.  Our clients’ success is ours as well. 

CARRHURE sets its sights on being a frontrunner in the market. We hold accountability with high regard and we are motivated by precision and excellence in everything we do, so we can provide exceptional service to our clients. We are passionate in achieving triumph in any project that comes our way, ensuring we’ve met our clients’ demands each and every time.

Meet The Team

Managing Director

Auree de CarbonManaging Director

Aurée  is a French national backed by over 20 years of extensive experience working in the international development industry comprised of prestigious non-profit and non-government organizations. Her significant contributions in the executive search business are recognized by renowned organizations namely the United Nations, WHO, ADB, Gavi and the FAO. She holds an undergraduate degree in Arts and Communication from Université Paris X.  A professional coach with certifications from CEB SHL Talent Management (360° Feedback) and from Arc-En-Ciel RH (DISC Psychometric Method), Aurée is also an NLP technician.   She is fluent in both French and English.

The Executive Search Team

Lilian Buckx – Research Director

Based in Amsterdam, Lilian started as a teacher of foreign languages for executives at a private institute. She also worked at various international companies in different management roles. Lilian began her recruiting career in 1994 and then launched her own executive search firm in 2003 and in 2013, conducting retained research for multiple executive positions in numerous industries. As an expert in executive search, she led master classes to train corporate staffing departments. She holds a BA degree in Business and is fluent in Dutch, English, German and French.

Stephanie Duraz – Research Director

Stéphanie Duraz is an Executive Search Consultant providing professional execution services to top-tier, retained, executive search firms as well as her portfolio of client companies. Her experience spans over two decades of senior level, executive search work. She has a broad understanding of numerous industries and has a special interest in the not-for-profit sector.

Aarthy SridharanRecruitment Consultant

Aarthy Sridharan has led an impressive career as a Recruitment Account Manager in her nearly years of experience working in the Life-science sector. She provides value-added and robust recruitment support by engaging with prospective candidates and understanding their areas of interest. Her expertise includes end-to-end recruitment, market research, lead generation, key account management, and client servicing. Prior to her current role at CARRHURE, Aarthy worked as a Senior Client Service Executive at a healthcare division responsible for developing and managing clients across Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & UAE. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from M.O.P. Vaishnav College For Women. She can speak English and French apart from her native language (Tamil).

Carmel NapolitanoRecruitment Consultant

An American Citizen, Carmel has nearly 30 years of professional experience and 10 years in executive search. She began her career in higher education philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania and also worked for CCS Fundraising, an international fundraising management consulting firm. Her successful placements include CEO/President/Executive Director level searches with leading international, national, and New York area associations and nonprofits. She is a client-focused executive search/talent acquisition professional focusing on the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. Her search completion rate is above average and the candidates she placed stay in their role an average of 6 years. She strives to work professionally and thoughtfully with clients and candidates. Her expertise is in philanthropic, nonprofit, and public sectors in recruiting senior-level positions working to place executives across the non-profit spectrum including higher educations, advocacy, arts & culture, international NGO’s, and donor-advised funds. She has a B.S in Economics from Villanova University and an MGA  (in government administration)  from the Fels Center of Government at the University of Pennsylvania. She speaks English and her French is fair.

Executive Search

Renata VielavicienePrincipal Recruiter

Renata has over 10 years of experience in professional recruitment and selection and has held high-level management positions in various industries. She specializes in HR counseling and is an expert in providing psychological, intellectual, skill and competency assessment services for clients. Before joining CARRHURE, Renata was the President of the Nonformal Club for HR Managers, a 14-year old organization. Its goal was to become an open society for HR professionals in Lithuania, as well as to provide a platform for HR management innovations for clients.

Executive Search

Pavel SmejkalPrincipal Recruiter

Pavel is an expert in finance, transformations, and operations. He is acknowledged as a customer-oriented seasoned executive and has held reputable positions in some of the largest accounting firms in the world like the PwC, as well as other  international blue-chip companies in the US, UK, Prague and Moscow. Pavel specializes in people management, negotiations, restructuring, post-acquisition advisory, USGAAP, IFRS, consolidations and dealings with tax authorities among others. He is also a Certified Public Accountant in the US (CPA) and a Chartered Certified Accountant in the UK (FCCA).

Sarah Jessie Appiah

Sarah Jessie AppiahPrincipal Recruiter

Sarah is a principal at SJA Associates in Geneva, Switzerland. A Ghanaian national, she has over 30 years of professional experience in the United Nations system and has had remarkable collaborations with various private and public sectors as well as other voluntary, non-government entities, and faith-based organizations.  Sarah has an MBA in Business Administration and holds a professional diploma in Management from the Open University Business School in the United Kingdom. A results-oriented coach, she also has certifications from the International Coach Academy, International Coach Federation, and The John Maxwell Team, and is currently undergoing a certificate training program at Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.

Executive Search

Slavomira Cernakova – Principal Recruiter

Slavomira provides her expertise in best-practice recruitment methodologies; including talent pooling and pipeline management, innovative candidate sourcing techniques behavioral and competency-based interview approaches, and project resourcing processes. In addition to this is her remarkable experience in strategic sourcing and in the overall management of end-to-end recruitment processes. Slavomira is a graduate of Psychology in the Univerzita Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici and is fluent in English and German.

Executive Search

Thierry Lidolff – Principal Recruiter

Thierry-Yves Lidolff holds notable skill and eloquence in the general management sector of local authorities and public institutions. His career in the industry started in 2012 when he served as General Director of Services for Hauts-de-Seine. He also worked for the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Loiret and the Picardy Region in 1995. Added to his prestigious profile is his tenure as the DGA of the Alpes Maritimes. Before he left The Paris Institute of Political Sciences in 1981, he continued his education at the University of Strasbourg, combining Philosophy, Economics and Political Science courses. He is currently a Professor of Public Policies – Master level, where he organizes competitions for public service in several universities in Amiens, Orleans and Nanterre. His capabilities cover the areas of general management of large public institutions, governance, advising public and private leaders, management, and human relations organizations.

Padraig Love – Principal Recruiter

A Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Pádraig was a career civil servant in Ireland before branching out as an independent consultant in 2015. As a senior manager with over 20 years of experience in professional recruitment and selection, he is a recognised expert in public service recruitment and selection processes.  With a proven track record in Ireland, Brussels and internationally, he has specialised in public administration, civil service reform, ethics and probity in the public service.  Pádraig also holds a Master of Science Degree in Innovation Management in the Public Service, from the University of Ulster/Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

Executive Search

Pamela Obi-Nwandu – Principal Recruiter

Pamela is an executive and leadership trainer, performance management coach, facilitator and speaker. She possesses over 30 years of experience working in the industry of organizational performance in the developing countries’ context. An international people-centered & business-oriented Human Resources Development Consultant, Pamela has been a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in the UK since 2000. She also holds accreditation as a trainer and user of internationally-accredited developmental tools such as the MBTI, Benchmarks, TMS, and BPS Level A and B. Moreover, Pamela has 8 years and 5 years of practical knowledge in the International Human Resources Development and  Strategic Human Resources Development departments of the United Nations respectively.

Fatou Diouf – Principal Recruiter

A graduate of a Master’s degree in management and business development in 2013, she did her studies in India, Paris and New York. Some of her positions enabled her to earn a double competency in Business Development and Recruitment. Fatou had a background in headhunting during her last position at Fursac and Anselin Associates located in Paris which specializes in direct approach for public and semi-public sectors. In this role, she had to find the best profile in the market for the department of Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a town hall in France. As a junior recruitment consultant, she had to recruit executives and senior executives for value strategic positions like General Delegate of Development Agency of Ardennes, Director of Urban Planning and Construction for Villepinte, DGA of Resources and Support functions for the city and the conglomeration of Orleans, among others.

Francesco Dato – Research Associate

Francesco Dato is an Italian Human Resources Specialist with 3 years of experience in the field of NGOs management. After he obtained a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon, he came back to Damascus, Syria, to start working in the humanitarian field with the organization GOPA-DERD. He first started as Recruitment Specialist and was promoted to the position of Area Coordinator for the governorates Damascus and Rural Damascus, where he managed more than 20 relief and development projects with partners such as UNHCR, UNICEF, and FAO. In November 2018, he moved to France where he obtained the PHRi Certificate in 2019. He speaks five languages, he is fluent in English, French, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.


Julie Ann Flores – Research Associate

Julie has over 10 years of HR function experience. She started her career in Amkor Technology Philippines as Manpower Planning and Benefits Specialist. She also joined Philippine-based multinational companies such as Diethelm Philippines, Maersk Global Service, Inc,and Trend Micro Inc, in the pharmaceutical, BPO and IT industry, respectively. Her recent stint is with Intergrated Micro-Electronics, Inc – China where she held a regional management role in HR overseeing the whole China strategic rewards implementation. From these experiences, she was exposed to different HR functions both with local and international exposures. Julie holds a degree in Psychology from the University of the Perpetual Help-Laguna. She also finished her Master’s degree in Industrial Relations major in Human Resources Management from the University of the Philippines. Being a travel buff, Julie has travelled all around Asia and dreams of exploring Europe and the Americas in the future.

The Coaching Team

Sarah Jessie Appiah

Sarah Jessie AppiahExecutive Coach

Sarah is a principal at SJA Associates in Geneva, Switzerland. A Ghanaian national, she has over 30 years of professional experience in the United Nations system and has had remarkable collaborations with various private and public sectors as well as other voluntary, non-government entities, and faith-based organizations.  Sarah has an MBA in Business Administration and holds a professional diploma in Management from the Open University Business School in the United Kingdom. A results-oriented coach, she also has certifications from the International Coach Academy, International Coach Federation, and The John Maxwell Team, and is currently undergoing a certificate training program at Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.

Mikael Kosgaard(round)

Mikael KosgaardExecutive Coach

Mikael has over five years of experience in professional training and coaching. He is certified instructor, trainer, and speaker with The Maxwell Team and a Sports Coach at Paradigmet, Mikael is also a Life and Business Coach at Axept AG. Prior to this, he was involved in sales development for a number of clothing companies in Denmark.

Executive Search

Manon de JonghExecutive Coach

Manon holds 15 years of experience in organizational and leadership development, specializing in headship multi-party collaboration, process management and facilitation, co-creation, public sector management, personal development, and action research. She previously held post as the Organizational Consultant for Leading Meaningful Change at the International Professional Development Program or IPDP in Belgium. She also served as a lecturer in leadership and organizational psychology at the Aalborg University and at Copenhagen Business School’s Master of Public Governance, where she taught personal leadership development. Manon has a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Psychology from the Utrecht University School of Governance.

Sergey Golubkov(round)

Sergey GolubkovExecutive Coach

Sergey is the Coaching Talent Manager at the Center for Creative Leadership in Russia and CIS countries. He is responsible for the coaching, recruitment, training, and quality control of the coaches’ performance in the region. He also specializes in the work-life balance, leadership, and career development coaching of Russian-speaking high-caliber managers and senior executives. Sergey has dedicated himself to a decade of internal coaching for several companies, starting as a T&D Manager for a leading retailer in Central and Northern Russia, and then as the Head of T&D at a top sports retailer.