Providing clients and candidates with honest, straightforward and professional service

Our Quality Chart – Our 10 Commandments

1.  We shall always provide an accurate and honest assessment of capabilities to implement your project. 

Not all consulting and editing firms offer the same services, but all should operate in line with the highest professional standards. In addition to the obvious differences in size and manpower, firms also vary in their areas of expertise, knowledge, and contacts within various industries, and their skills and experience levels.

Before agreeing to undertake any project, CARRHURE makes sure to:

Verify that it has the resources, time, knowledge, and expertise to handle your project.

Disclose any and all information with regard to relationships or circumstances that may create actual or potential conflicts of interest. Identify limitations that may affect its ability to perform tasks.

Define the scope and extent of the services to be provided, and the fees and expenses to be charged for the services rendered.

2.  We shall always provide a high-level consultative relationship.

CARRHURE takes pride in providing real-time and interactive communication with its clients and candidates. We provide information and feedback that will help you make timely and effective decisions. This feedback includes knowledge of the industry and related information such as business drivers, trends, and key success factors.

 3.  We shall always hold your information in strict confidentiality.

Since our clients divulge highly sensitive information about their organization, CARRHURE treats any and all information they share with utmost confidentiality. We use such confidential information only for the purpose it serves. We disclose client information only to our team members who are directly involved in the project. We believe in the “need-to-know” principle. We never use confidential information or provide the same to third parties for personal gain.

 4.  We shall always demonstrate a clear understanding of your project, organizational structure, needs, and objectives.

CARRHURE makes it a point to understand not just your demands, project output, and expectations but also your long-term goals, organizational structure, and culture. We make sure that we do more than just giving a feedback on the tasks required of us. We will proactively help you develop, modify, and refine your own understanding of your project objectives in order to come up with highly effective strategies.

5.  We shall always provide you with regular, detailed status reports on the progress of your project.

To keep its clients up-to-date, CARRHURE provides them with ongoing progress reports and accurate documentation of the project milestones. We make sure that you are updated regularly either by phone, fax, e-mail, written report, or some combination of all four, depending on your preference.

6.  We shall always present and offer different strategies and methodologies available for project implementation.

CARRHURE makes sure to provide its clients with a range of different methodologies and strategies suited for the implementation of the project. We will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your goals, and we will ensure that all strategies employed are acceptable and sustainable for the success of the project.

7.  We shall always negotiate with the different stakeholders representing all parties with skill, integrity and a high degree of professionalism.

Part of CARRHURE’s goals is to establish long-lasting relationships with different stakeholders in the industry. We make sure to conduct all negotiations and partnerships professionally and with a high level of skill and integrity.

8. We shall always make sure that you work with the best professionals that we have.

With CARRHURE’s wide network of professionals globally, clients are afforded with the opportunity to work with the best and most skilled workforce. We inject a high level of confidence in every project that we handle as we have exceptional working partnerships with experts in the industry.

9.  We shall always provide a clear understanding of the policies and of unusual situations that may arise during and after the project implementation

CARRHURE is well-equipped to handle any unexpected circumstances or situations that may arise during and after the implementation of your project. We will provide you with a clear explanation of the scope of our contingency measures to give you a picture of the possible outcomes in these scenarios.

10.  We shall always provide a follow-through after project implementation.

CARRHURE makes sure that all projects are implemented with a high level of success and makes all efforts to sustain that success. We will stay in contact with you even after the project is completed to assist in every aspect needed to accomplish success. At CARRHURE, we make sure that our clients are fully satisfied before we truly conclude a project undertaking.