CARRHURE specializes in identifying, evaluating, and attracting leaders in the not-for-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) sectors. Our main goal is to make the lives of HR professionals easier. We use our expertise and extensive industry experience to help position the most suitable, well-equipped leaders to institutions that nurture the world and help humanity.

Guided by our 3 phase process, we make sure that the right individual is appointed to carry on with your goals and visions for a brighter future.

  • 1

    Research and Outreach

    We will utilize our experience to assist in clearly detailing the demands, qualifications, expectations, and responsibilities of the role. Supported by the CARRHURE research team and utilizing our continually updated, proprietary database, we will initiate research tailored to your search. The CARRHURE database serves as a stepping-off point for the search effort.

  • 2

    Qualify Best Candidates

    After establishing your specific requirements, a complete profile of the ideal candidate will be produced, including the requisite professional experience, managerial skills, education, and personal characteristics. Once a qualified and interested prospective candidate is identified, a one-page Candidate Profile is prepared. You determine which candidates will progress to the subsequent interview and assessment stage.

  • 3

    Negotiate Offer

    A skilled and insightful approach to closing a search can make all the difference. Our recruiters provide input on a candidate’s current and desired compensation to assist the client in formulating an offer. Since our recruiters will be investigating in the relationship with the chosen candidate through every step of the search process, we can provide significant value as the intermediary between the finalist and you to work through the sometimes-delicate issues related to the compensation package and other factors. Our goal is to create a win-win outcome for you and your candidate of choice.