Carrhure recruits frontrunners who specialize in agro-food and health, agribusiness and climate change across the globe


We are driven by our zealous dedication to find worthy and efficient leaders. The people we recruit do not only possess passion, but high-level skill and expertise that can create positive impact in their respective industries.

Our consultants are strategically based across the globe: Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States, allowing us access to countless territories. Because of our familiarity, we understand at a personal, and not just intellectual level, the environments in which our clients and candidates work in. This qualifies us as a trusted resource, and permits us to interact on a collegial level.

As a result of searches for organizations such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and several United Nations agencies, we have become well-versed in strategies, organizational culture, and history. This unique understanding helps our firm identify eligible prospects to contact. We present the job offer in convincing ways and in the process, perform quality candidate assessment.

CARRHURE is focused on one paramount objective: to find the right leaders for you. We recruit frontrunners who specialize in agro-food and health, agribusiness and climate change across the globe. Our eclecticism allows us to fill any position. Our vast practice, in-depth methods, and solid philosophy, make CARRHURE your best option.


Executive Search


CARRHURE specializes in identifying, gauging, and attracting leaders in the non-profit and non-government organization (NGO) sectors. Our main goal is to make the lives of HR professionals easier. We use our expertise and extensive industry experience to help position the most suitable and well-equipped leaders to institutions that nurture the world and help humanity. Guided by our three-phase process, we make sure that we get the absolute best executives for your company.

Executive Search


At CARRHURE, we take executive coaching to the next level. We believe in putting coaching “in context,” with a systemic approach to back it up. We typically set up a three-way contact – through the coach, the individual, and the organization (normally with the person’s direct supervisor or board chair), – to guarantee we keep things connected. We make sure that the coaching session is confidential and discreet. In a nutshell, you’re getting the best help in a subtle way.



CARRHURE believes that great leaders should have both capability and heart to become effective. We conduct trainings, not only for executives, but for teams as well. We recognize the importance of organizational development for it plays a significant role in the company’s upturn.

What Clients Are Saying

We had 2 staffing processes with CARRHURE and the results were very positive. They presented very qualified candidates for these 2 staffing processes. They are very professional. The price was also reasonable. I can recommend CARRHURE without any hesitation.

Head of Human ResourcesAFRICARICE

CARRHURE undertook an executive search assignment for the International Development Research Centre with great professionalism and very thoroughly selected the appropriate candidate for the position. I was guided through every aspect of the search process from the initial slate to the shortlist of candidates.


It was a pleasure working with someone with both the experience and expertise to make my job easier. I would recommend Auree de Carbon and her company to organizations who are looking for quality recruitment services.

Coordinator Program Development and Implementation WHO-HIV Department

We benefited from the services for the recruitment of two senior staff in the Department. Both selections were concluded positively. CARRHURE treated the executive search assignment with great professionalism.


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